A space to come and simply be. If it's online connection, telephone work or stepping through Hummingbirds doorway here in Liverpool, Uk you will always be greeted with kindness, respect, compassion and fierce sisterly love.....try us out today...we think you'll come back for more!

About Me

Moving into my (ahem very late...) 30's now, I'm aware I have come from disempowered teenager, hating, literally hating my body even down to my skin and fingertips, to anxious mid 20's Hannah, working in Recruitment having regular panic attacks in the office toilets to my “Cinderella syndrome” where I “had depression and stress” so that meant I could wallow and feel sorry for myself for years.
To deciding / feeling desperate to be done with that life and committing to regular, often brutal holistic deep healing for Epilepsy, anxiety, depression, anorexia bulimia, chronic eczema, IBS, stress agonising tension in my shoulders and back and so much more to now, today, your confident, healthy, passionate, protective, fierce Reiki Healer, Reiki Teacher, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Tarot Reader, Masseuse of numerous Techniques, Including Thai Oil, Indian Head and soooo much more for you

I haven't gone near a hospital or Doctors surgery for over 7 years, I fall asleep smiling, count 10 things I'm grateful for every evening effortlessly, have my own Mind, Body and Life Coach, personal Reflexologist, adore cake, laugh until I cry with beautiful friends, know my true love is just around the corner and can't quite believe how blessed I am to have so much work come in with so many fulfilled clients see me week on week.

It's fabulous this healthy, empowered life ladies, join me up here! There's room for us all!